Saturday, November 13, 2010


I have choices today.... worry about the world's troubles, do laundry, wash the kitchen floor, shave, restore democracy to America, re-write 'Moby Dick', take a quick trip to Seattle, make some baked beans, climb Denali, take out the garbage, re-invent the wheel, go to the library, watch old movies....... I am always struck with the possibilities that engulf me as I open my eyes in the morning.

There is a moment before reality kicks in, a peaceful clarity that today I can do anything; that there is nothing that cannot be achieved..  All I need to do is smile at someone and they will be happy.....give away a simple dime to insure someone's well being, tell a joke and ease a pain, laugh and make the rain stop.

But then my feet hit the floor and I resolve to just watch football and drink beer.


Beach Bum said...

Well, you could be stuck like me doing yardwork in a few minutes.

Dear God, if I only had a few gallons of napalm.

Sherry Peyton said...

I did the laundry, and rewrote Moby Dick last night so save your time on that one. I am watching Iowa and Nwestern. We gonna win. And we are having porkchops and gravy and mashed taters for dinner..nanananna.

Randal Graves said...

You forgot 'write Randal's paper.'

okjimm said...

Dear a leaf blower...cleans yard &&& pisses off neighbors! ;)

Sherry... I was gonna have chops, too, but the porker ran away! Wisco 83-20 over Indiana,,,,how did Ioway do? hehehe

Randalz... you do NOT want me to write your paper! Unless it's wallpaper.

susan said...

Teachers whose work I've read say that moment between sleep and waking is the hint we mortals get of enlightenment. Enjoy it and then go do the other things.

Liberality said...

I recommend going to your library of course.

okjimm said...

Susan...//moment between sleep and waking//.... I've learned to stretch it out all day. seems to work.

Libs...of course's where all the good stuff is....and the crabby librarians. ;)

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