Thursday, November 18, 2010


OK.  I'm really not as morose as I think I am.  And after a couple of beers I can no longer spell morose...and after four, think it a strange flower with thorns.  So anyways.... while shifting through the book I found these lyrics to a song I liked a lot, a Leo  When I was on the forensic circuit I would often read lyrics to rock songs rather than real 'poems'.  Didn't help me win anything, but I wasn't doing it for a prize in the first place.

Morning is the Long Way Home
I heard your voice at midnight
By the river shore
I saw your child sleeping
Behind an open door
The moon was in the river
Shining up from the floor
And the fish swam like moonlight
Through your child's closing door
And morning is the long way home
The fisherman was drowning
By his broken heel
His screams were tiny bubbles
And his tongue made of steel
When he died his teeth made stones
For your lonely child to feel
And his eyes like prayers were quiet
When you heard his tongues of steel
And morning is the long way home
The ghost of ghosts was passing
And the grasses waved like hair
I Knew I'd die forgotten
I'm the whisper of your care
The water would surround me
And my body would despair
But my heart would understand
The door that's closing there
And morning is the long way home
     Leo Kottke

The deal was... I dug our some old Kottke albums that were stashed and sat around for a few hours.....the guy is one of the most eclectic acoustic guitar player EVER.  I have seen him about four or five times, the most memorable being twenty-one years ago when my daughter was six weeks old and we took her to the show because she was still being breast feed.  Fifth row.  To this day I believe it is why the Kid is mellow, talented and totally in love with her Dad.  Last year her and I went and saw him again at the Grand Opera House.  Valentines day.  I think we need to go to a show together again, soon.

Check out the video...... you have to click on the the word "rings" cause I am too stupid to do it any other way!!!...& it frustrates me...I am going back to a yellow tablet and a #2 pencil &sending out posts via pigeon!!!!

* there is another very cool version of " Rings"that Leo did a few years ago with Mike Gordon of Phish and the album "Sixty Six Steps".  The same album has a killer version of "Oh Well" the old  Fleetwood Mac written by Peter Green.  I do mean killer.  I am too lazy to find a link.  Knock yourself out.


Liberality said...

okjimm: the link isn't working. Hey, it took me awhile to figure out how to embed stuff so don't worry. On youtube under a video there will be an embed link. Click on it and code will appear. Right click on your mouse and a mini menu will appear then click copy. Go to your blog post page and make sure the blinking line is on the blog page, right click the mouse again and click paste. Then you should have the youtube on your page. You can preview your page to see how it will look on your blog. If that doesn't help email me and I can walk you through it by phone if need be. Take care.

Liberality said...

Oh I left out the part about saving the code. You want to highlight the code to save it before you copy it.

(Hits self on forehead)

okjimm said...

Libs..... it doesn't seem to work for me... I guess I failed the breathalyser or sometin.... but iffen I click on the word "rings" it works. Sheesh... I need to talk with my daughter!!!

Randal Graves said...

Still doesn't work, what are you, a morose?

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