Friday, October 1, 2010

Beer& Cheese & books

OK.  It's Friday.  Whoopee-Shit!  Gonna make a few phone calls for Russ..... beer at five.  Tomorrow is Ocktoberfest down at the river..... and Sunday gonna watch the Packers.  Maybe eat some Cheese.

But in other stuff..... stumbled across a new book by a Michigan author.... Steve Amick.  It's not Faulkner.... but sure is a spiffy-neato-keen read!!!!  So good that I knocked it off in three days...... and picked up his first book.... which, only 30 pages in.... is pretty good too!  Plus!!!!!! from his web page, the guy likes good beer..... so if anyone is looking for nice reads.... check him out.  Just saying is all.

If you were looking for a review..... I don't do reviews.  Have a good weekend.


Beach Bum said...

Linked over and read about about "Nothing but a Smile" on Amazon. Sound good, will have to pick it up.

David Barber said...

Have a great weekend yourself, Jimm, and enjoy your beers and cheese.

I'll look out for those books.

Randal Graves said...

Beer, beer, beer, always beer. Why don't you do coke like a good Wall Streeter?

okjimm said...

they really are decent books.
Randal... I did try coke, once. The bubbles irritated my nasal passages.

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