Sunday, October 17, 2010

been gone

I haven't been about the blogs of late.  I've spent the last week in my hometown helping clean up my mother's house.  Western Wisconsin is nice, but a little more rural than I care for anymore.  The nice part is going for a walk along the bike trail.  It's fashioned from an old railroad bed and transverses under a couple of the larger hills.  I didn't have time for biking.... but as in life, the walk can be nice.


susan said...

It's definitely a very pretty spot. I hope the work wasn't too overwhelming in any sense of the word.

Sounds like time for a beer.

Beach Bum said...

... but as in life, the walk can be nice.

Columbia, South Carolina has very few bright spots but they do have several nice parks trails that I like to walk in the Fall and Spring. I find the walks relaxing.

Border Explorer said...

Beautiful! I love Wisconsin anyways, but seeing it through your eyes is a plus. Hope your mom is healing. Sending love 'n prayers.

Lee said...

Welcome home Jim, it’s good to have you back in Oshkosh.

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