Tuesday, August 31, 2010

restoring honor?

 "When I see a 9/11 victim family on television, or whatever, I'm just like, 'Oh shut up' I'm so sick of them because they're always complaining." –"The Glenn Beck Program," Sept. 9, 2005


David Barber said...

If that's true, Jimm, that's a f*****g disgrace. What are people on when they come out with something like that?

Also, every time I see photos of Bush, I can't help laughing. I saw a photo of him once with a "corded" phone and it was upside down in his hand! That book he's got is probably upside down as well. Haha!! Apologies if you are a Bush fan. :-)

Randal Graves said...

Boy, someone hates black people.

Liberality said...

I know! It really pisses me off too. I AM a family member and I am complaining about what a fuckwad Glenn Beck is.

sunshine said...

Glen Beck is an ass. If I didn't know it before, I do now.
What an idiot jerk.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm--- the 9-11 survivors WERE known to be demanding and insistent on compensation far in excess of what we might find reasonable....in the best NYC fashion.

And recent flood victims in Milwaukee who lost everything, uninsured(for flood damage) get......... -0-.

okjimm said...

Anon....c'mon...1) the post was about BECK... Not the survvors....2) I do not recall anyone dying in Milwaukee 3) equating 911 and Milwaukee floods is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

C'mon yourownself...the post was about Beck....and how you think he's a jerk. The point was that you used a poor example to make yours.
So....you have to die before a loss is deserving of recompense?
Who is 'equating'? Discernment sure seems to be lacking.......a little political 'light switch' thinking?

okjimm said...

Anon....Beck is a jerk. It was the only point. //who is equating?// only you. //you have to die before a loss is deserving of recompense?//

I seem to miss where I said anything of the like.

//political light switch thinking//

Now you are sounding like a Troll.

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