Saturday, June 12, 2010

a view of Scotland- For David B

My daughter recently was able to spend some time in Scotland.  I asked her of her impressions.... and she sent me the above photo.

I asked if she had any butter'Scotch' candy...... and she sent me this.

Sometimes I should keep my mouth shut..... and hope she was kidding.

Ah, Scotland.




David Barber said...

Hahaha! Whisky for sure. Condoms? I'm surprised she didn't send you photo's of deep fried condoms as everything up here is deep fried. :-) Hope she had a great time and you're enjoying having your 'baby' home.

A gift of a goal by the way!

okjimm said...

yuppers, it sure was a gift...we'll take it. I guess, as they say, that's why you play the 'whole' game! :)

okjimm said...
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Karen Zipdrive said...

Your daughter sounds like you.

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