Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bug's photos..... too lazy to post my own... and hers are funnier

..... too lazy to post my own photos.....


Randal Graves said...

Maybe if Jolly Ole England had spent less time being so jolly, she wouldn't have lost the colonies. Drunken pervs.

David Barber said...

What, hic, are, hic, you trying, hic, to say, hic, Graves?

Drunken pervs? How dare you speak about our politicians and priests in that way! :-0

Great photos. I had one sent to me the other day. It was a sign at a hospital and it said:

Family Planning Advice

Use Rear Entrance.

It was an actual photo. Lol!

susan said...

I hope she'll be happy returning to a less civilized and less humorous environment - except for you, of course.

jin said...

Choclate Penises (penii? ;-)
I want to make one! Wait... I want to eat one too!

For the record, when I go in by the bf later & ask to cast it in chocolate & he looks at me like I'm crazy it's sooooo your fault!
(Who am I kidding... he'll love it! *giggle* ;-)

okjimm said...

Randal... ya, dem Brits. Actually some of the signs are from Amsterdam.

David.... Ha! you should read the rest of the signs!

Susan... she'll be coming back to Wisconsin... we forgo civilization and invented fun.

Jin! good to see you on the pages! I thought you were going to FL? There could be a market for edible penii.... Key West!!!!

jin said...

I am open until August 7th; had to finish out all my booked wedding cakes as I refuse to be one of those businesses that closes & takes peoples down payments with them!

I am estimating 2 weeks after that to be on my way for good.

It's not nearly soon enough.
Family drama you know. FYI- I believe you did pop round unplugged occasionally, yes? No worries when you see that it's gone. I deleted it, tired of ex-relatives lurking there to see what I'm up to. None of their business. I am working on a new wordpress blog & I shall make known the addy asap.
In the meantime, I shall try to hang out more at the Wulfshead or you can find me on facebook more frequently.

okjimm said...

Jin.... I found unplugged through Splotchy....I understand family drama. I do regret not getting to the other side of the lake to visit your shop. Good on you for not dumping your orders& commitments... I hear of that happening all too frequently. Perhaps if you are open that late I will be able to stop. I do often travel for cookies&such! Your stuff is funny no matter where you post. do stop anytime.

Distributorcap said...

master bakers huh?

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