Friday, March 26, 2010


Now.... there is that pain when the cute girl in 7th grade doesn't think you are cute. And there is the pain of being 6 and having your goldfish die. And the pain of hitting your thumb with a hammer. Limbaugh is a pain. Having your house smell like liver is a pain.......... breaking your nose is a pain......

.... but I went speed walking this morning ( no cartilage... no running ).... and it was pretty chilly. I ended up with two very painful charlie horses (horsies?) I have not felt this bad in a long time

.... and, to make matters worse..... I have an aversion to OTC pain-relievers. Huh.... to be truly honest.... I have an aversion to most drugs...... ( beer is not a drug.... donna letz nobody tell you different!)...& remember I said "most" drugs.

So.... I am trying to figure out.... is it 'heat' or 'ice'?

I'm guessing if I can limp down to Oblio's someone will have an answer. I mean.... I could go to the library and look it up..... but they still do not pour beer.


Dusty said...

Damn..I dunno..but I always try heat for my back first.

It's friday..hit Oblio's early dude! ;)

Lisa said...

Massage and beer. And Heather at FB is right - more calcium. Cheese?

David Barber said...

Now here's the misconception. People put heat on a bad back, sore knee or elbow etc when it hurts BUT a heat rub is usually applied to the muscles to warm them up before exercise. Ice is usually applied to 'swelling', sprains etc. I think Lisa has got it right with a massage and an 'ice' cold beer. You wouldn't have a 'hot' beer would you? :-)

Randal Graves said...

Don't get me started on the girl from 7th grade. Sniff.

Are you suggesting that libraries start serving beer? If it's only for the staff, I'm on board with that.

Have you tried some herb?

okjimm said...

Randal.... Herb..? I'll try some chives on the spuds tonight :) Beer in libraries would be a good fit in 'non-fiction'

David... I have tried alsorts..... I think amputation will be an option soon! Man... I have 'old' football legs... bad ankles& knees.. but this is the first time I have had a muscle cramp of this magnitude! Beer never hurts!

Dusty... maybe some 'Hot Trolls"! Boy ... you had a couple of doozies the other day.. my my

Lisa... Heather would have me doing Yoga...but cheese is always good!

susan said...

I guess you could go to Randal's library but Oblio's is probably closer - especially if you need some non-medicinal spirit soon.

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