Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have been economized. My last day of work was Wednesday past. I really don't like being out of w
ork, but there are worst things,,,,,,, like being dead. I don't do dead well.

But all in all.... it's not a bad thing. It was getting very tense at the old place. There was a prevailing mode of doing business.... "We've always done things like this and we will continue to do it like this".... that just wasn't working. So instead of changing the paradigm.... they have thrown folks under the bus. HO.... you should see the tread marks up my back!

So.... for only the second time in 32 years I am reinventing myself. ( ...and I can't wait to see what I come up with this time.!!!)

But the blogging will be more irregular.... the commenting will be sporadic..... I haven' t gone away.... and I was never all that regular anyways. Perhaps I will get back to really trying to write something as opposed to just 'whipping' something up.

Anyways.... I think there is a gee mail account listed somewheres and I will welcome notes.....

.... Youse guys are the best.



Liberality said...

Sorry to hear you are among the unemployed. Take care of yourself Okjimm and good luck with finding more work!

David Barber said...

You could come and labour for me. I pay in soup. ;-)
Chin up bud, I'm sure something will come up. Twice in 32 years is pretty ace going mate. I know people who have struggled to put 2 full days work in in 32 years. Good luck bud and I'll still be checking in on you.

Mauigirl said...

Sorry to hear you are joining the ranks of the unemployed - hope you find something new soon. If things were tense at work then perhaps in the long run this will be a change for the better. Best wishes!

sunshine said...

So sorry to hear this Jim. :(
I'll be thinking good thoughts and sending all my positive vibes your way.
I'm sure that things will turn around for the better. :)

All the best. We'll take your posts as they come. No worries, we aren't going anywhere. :)


Christopher said...

My husband changed careers midlife.

He came to despise lawyers and said he would never work for them again and he wanted meaning in the next chapter of his professional life, so he returned to school (he had an undergraduate degree already) and took the required science courses and applied, and was accepted to Nursing school.

He's now a Registered Nurse and has career stability, high income and most importantly, he feels he's doing something that has value.

There are endless possibilities in healthcare: Nursing, Radiology, physical therapy, and you can get into one of them often with just two years of school.

Randal Graves said...

Dude, I'm happy and sad for you. The soul-sucking is put on hold, but you know, bills. Good luck. If stuff gets psycho, let us know, we'll fuck shit up for you.

Lisa said...

I hope that whatever you want now and next, you get. Whatever that may be.

Glad we got a chance to talk.

susan said...

Damn. I'm sorry to hear about the tread marks and I hope you get what you really deserve - some appreciation and something that pays the bills.

okjimm said...

Hey... thanks for all the 'up' comments. I think this will all be OK. There are a couple of agencies where I could probably get hired without too much trouble.... but I want to take a week or so and do some very good self analysis. Plus there are a couple of issues with past employment that need to be ironed out.

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