Sunday, March 7, 2010


I trully intended to watch WI vs Il on the tube today. Really. I was. But the damn weather is sooooooo nice.... and there are real, like, genuine puddles to splash in. Now how can BB on da tube compete with fresh puddles? Nope. I mean....

a puddle a day keeps my ex-wife away.
A puddle in time saves nine.
Don't count your puddles before they are hatched.
A fool and his puddle is soon parted.
Make puddles, not war.
Four score and seven puddles ago

.... Boy& howdy I could go on, and in most circumstances, I would. But I have to go do Laundry.


Liberality said...

I hate puddles when the dogs, cats, kids and husband go walking in them and then come stomping all over my clean floors. It'd be one thing if they would clean up after themselves but you know darn well that they don't and they won't so it just makes MORE work for me to do.

Randal Graves said...

Don't worry, it'll start raining like a mofo soon enough, then you'll be forced to stay inside and watch hoops.

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