Thursday, November 5, 2009

Maybe he should wash his car

Jim Stevens stands next to his truck that has an image of Jesus on the window Monday, Nov. 2, 2009 i Jonesborough, Tenn. The image has been there for two weeks and appears every morning when the morning dew is on the window. Stevens says he's not particularly religious and is clueless about why an image resembling Jesus Christ keeps appearing on his pickup.(AP Photo/Johnson City Press, Lee Talbert)

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... in other news!!!! Really smart folks on the loose!!

APPLETON — The suspect in a drive-by shooting failed to open his own car window before he shot, with the broken window ultimately leading to his arrest.
Andrew J. Burwitz, Appleton, was charged Wednesday in Outagamie County Court with four counts of first- degree reckless endangerment, four counts of endangering safety by reckless use of a firearm, disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property and placed on a $25,000 cash bond.
Burwitz is suspected of shooting at his ex-girlfriend's house in the Town of Buchanan. According to court documents, the occupants of the house in the Town of Buchanan were awakened about 2 a.m. Monday to the sounds of breaking glass.
They saw a car driving off and found two bullets had struck the exterior of the house and three had entered the living room.
None of the four people in the house was injured. The ex-girlfriend was attending school out of state.
Sheriff's deputies examining the area found broken auto glass in the street, and, later that day, contacted area auto glass repair shops and found Burwitz had his car window replaced after filing an insurance claim.
Burwitz was taken into custody and admitted to shooting at the house. A search of his residence and car turned up a 9 mm handgun and spent shell casings.
Burwitz said he had been drinking heavily before the shootings.
We don't need gun control...... we need stupid control!


Mauigirl said...

So has he had to fight off legions of pilgrims coming to worship his foggy car window? That will be next!

Randal Graves said...

That's not Jesus, that's the guitar tech for Loggins and Messina.

sunshine said...

That Jesus. ;)
Him and his Mum are always popping up in the strangest places!


TomCat said...

Good one Jim. Is it Republican Supply-side Jesus or the real Jesus?

okjimm said...

Guys.... sometimes I think I live on the edge of the lunatic fringe...... and the fringe spills over. And besides... Jesus would show up on a SUV.... not a mid-size pick-up.

Mauigirl said...

No no, the real Jesus would be on a Prius!

Cormac Brown said...

That's not Jesus, that's the Zig-Zag mascot.

Liberality said...

I'm glad he is stupid--just think what would have happened if he could rub two brain cells together.

And I ain't particularly religious either so I think someone must have drawn the Jesus picture on his window and the guy is getting too much fun and publicity out of it to wash it away.

TomCat said...

Mimi is right, Jim. Only Supply-side Jesus would show up on a SUV. ;-)

susan said...

Randal beat me to it with the first part.

The second part reminds me of the guy robbing the glue factory who knocked over a barrel on the way out and the police found him stuck to the floor.

okjimm said...

Susan... speaking of glue and stupid, in my part of the world...check out

revenge full women really 'stuck it' to him!

Cormac... I think you're right.

Supply side Jesus? Is that the one who owns the bread and fish factory/

susan said...

They really did, didn't they? It was probably the only time in his life he didn't want them getting a rise out of him.

Dr. Zaius said...

Was he shooting at Jesus?

Anonymous said...

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