Monday, September 14, 2009

Why I use duct tape instead of band-aids

Ins. Co. & CEO With 2008 Total CEO Compensation
Aetna, Ronald A. Williams: $24,300,112 Cigna, H. Edward Hanway: $12,236,740 Coventry, Dale Wolf: $9,047,469 Health Net, Jay Gellert: $4,425,355 Humana, Michael McCallister: $4,764,309 U. Health Group, Stephen J. Hemsley: $3,241,042 Wellpoint, Angela Braly: $9,844,212
* about 3/4 of a Billion Dollars for SEVEN People
**Gee..... I wonder if they get 'sick leave' as well...... and!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lobbyists Spend Millions to Influence Health Care By Dan Eggen
Drugmakers, hospitals and insurers continued to pour millions of dollars into lobbying during the second quarter of this year, hoping to limit the damage to their bottom line as lawmakers and the Obama administration wrangle over landmark health-care legislation. New disclosure reports that began arriving Monday in Congress showed familiar players at the top of the health-care influence heap, including $6.2 million in lobbying by the dominant Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and $4 million by the American Medical Association. Many health companies and associations increased their first-quarter lobbying expenditures, sometimes dramatically. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association upped its lobbying expenditures by a full million, to 2.8 million dollars in the second quarter; GlaxoSmithKline's spending jumped from $1.8 million to $2.3 million; Novartis grew from $1.4 million to $1.8 million; and Metlife Group reported $1.7 million, up nearly 50 percent. Allstate, which spent less than $900,000 on lobbying through March, boosted its spending to more than $1.5 million from April to June.
*** of course you have to spend money to make money..... boy& Howdy!! Sociali-nazism would just plain stop all that free enterprize lobbying...


Anijo said...

I have lost all hope for any real health care reform. I just don't see it happening. Too many people in this country who aren't aware of how backward we are as compared to so many other countries who have universal health care at a per capita cost less than ours. These other countries insure everyone, have good health care, and it's cheaper. What a concept.

Liberality said...

absolutely scandalous! we don't have to reinvent the wheel here folks, they already have a good system in Canada and in Europe--all we gotta do is copy it!

Lisa said...

I agree with Lib. It doesn't have to be this difficult.

Has anyone asked people who are afraid that their taxes will increase if they've considered that they might come out ahead if their tax increase is less than what their employer takes from their pay to cover premiums? I know we fork over almost $300 a month. Plus we have a deductible and a co-pay. I'm thinking the worst it could be is a financial wash with better coverage.

Randal Graves said...

anijo is right, nothing will ever happen.

Anijo said...

Randal and i are here to spread sunshine all around this glorious nation.

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