Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Wowsers!! It is almost football season here in Wisconsington..... when we traditionally ignore the rest of the world and rabidly consume as much cheese, bratwurst and beer as we can (occasionally some taco dip) while glued to TV screens watching the Packers.

So the GooD news is that Bret Farve will NOT be joining the hated Minnesota Vikings. Hey... I'm serious! People were very concerned about this!! It was bad enough he played a year in NEw YaWk..... but it was the AFC so it hardly counted.

So the BaD new is that Sarah Palin WILL be signing with the dreaded Vikes! Yikes!

I guess she might play Far-Right-WingNut back or something. Who gives a shit?

Hey, but speaking of Sarah..... what's the buzz with this new thing she invented.... a Death Panel?

I guess I am a little confused.... I mean, is it like a new quiz-game show? I always liked old game-panel shows!!!

I think Sarah would be good at it.... gees, lessee what could she call her Death Panel show?

"Name that Liberal" or "The 64Billion Dollar Deficit Question" or maybe "Drama Queen for a Day".... how about, "I've Got An Attitude"

Hey, if anyone can fill me in on what's up with Sarah, "Drop Me A Line".. I gotta run now....I'm gonna be a guest panelist on the "Bong Show" .... and it is almost football season!


Randal Graves said...

It's a good thing that Daryl Johnston retired, otherwise she'd try to shoot him.

Don't be a wanker, sign up for our league, we only have four people so far, gosh darnit!

okjimm said...

OK, Dude, me and da Ringer are in. Sent you mail. Hope it is the same as last year... if not, grab my profile mail

Christopher said...

Who needs the still-sexy Bret Farve when the NFL can offer a contract to convicted mass dog killer Michael Vick?

After all, Vick "paid his debt to society," or so says his defenders and shit, he's even said he wants to do a few PSAs for the ASPCA.

What a slap in the face to all the young, high school and college kids just Jonesin' for a chance to play for an NFL team.

okjimm said...

Chris- Vick is toast! I am a great fan of anyone being re-habbed, but the guy has been out of football two years, and further, screwed the Falcons out of a lot of money when he screwed up..... Now... if I am a team owner, would I pay millions for a dude out of football two years and screwed his former employer by engaging in criminal behavior? No way!

Shit! Someone pays ME millions to work for six months! I would become a Christian again!... I would give up beer!... I have no empathy for Vick.

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