Thursday, June 11, 2009


OKEE DOKE! I was really, really, really bored on the way to work this morning. A twenty minute commute is a long time for someone with ADD and my fertile mind was restless and I really was thinking of bananas and wondering what I would have for lunch and what I would do after the twenty minute commute back home and, gees, what ever happened to Nancy, the really, really cute girl I had a mega crush on in High School and what kind of beer she would like to drink and if she would still talk to me and if someone would already have made coffee at the office by the time I got there and why people don't like run-on sentences.

So, I decided to to get a band of gorillas together and start a war......

Ha! How's that for a casual link! Actually, not those kind of gorillas....

but this kind.... guerrillas..... the ones that just reek of justice and rights and freedom and liberty and unwashed clothes! Real Patriots!!!!! Men who would gladly enlist in a real war against...... say...... certain green vegetables like broccoli and asparagus ( both really vile green things if you ask me)

Yesirree Bob&Stuff! Get me a crew of some real bush-whackers to root out evil, inadequate manners and bad taste! Fight litter-bugs! Kill assholes who throw chewing gum on sidewalks! Eradicate dandruff! Battle Hemorrhoids!

Yuppers! I wanna assemble a rabble of guerillas that will rip & snort and battle the enemy ..

(whoever that may be on any given day.... cause I figger that If I Really wanna be a guerrilla leader I have to be ready to fight anyone at anytime for any reason...... or even for no reason at all!)

..and still be able to hang around a good old campfire at night and drink beer and eat sardines out of k-ration tins and sing battle songs and wax eloquent about all the innocent bystanders and innocent other we may have snuffed during the day! Shit&Whiskers! I wanna kill, maim, pillage, loot, rape, rampage, annihilate, commit a little genocide, hate, burn..........................

hey.. that is starting to sound like work!

.... and I know that work sucks.... and I would much rather suck beer...... hmmmmmm.... lemmee re-think this!

ok. never mind. I think I like Susan's idea.....

I'm mailing $5 to Oblio's in Oshkosh so you can have a beer on me.

I think it is a marvelous idea!
Oblios Lounge
434 N Main St
Oshkosh, WI 54901
c/o Grill Dog's beer fund.

After all there are Cheeseheads here that go to bed sober..... I don't want to be one of them!


Mary Ellen said...

I saw what I thought was a band of guerrillas once, but realized it was just a bunch of nuns walking from the convent to the school. They were scary, though, and had beards like those guys in the picture. So I ran away and hid.

Randal Graves said...

I remember nuns with beards. Where are all the hot ones, dammit? Besides you, nunly, of course.

Please don't campaign against broccoli. I like broccoli.


Scarlet W. Blue said...

I want to join your guerilla band! I have a baseball bat.

Anonymous said...

Throw in a few bananas and a few pints of Oblio's finest and you'll add another to your coalition of the willing.

okjimm said...

HEY.....this might be good... a guerilla band!!! maybe we could get our own "reality" TV show! But I just gotta know what kind of music a guerilla band plays?

Nunly said...

okjimm- Here ya go, guerilla band music.

susan said...

The sawbuck's in the mail addressed to Mark Shultz for Okjimm. Sorry, I didn't know about Grill Dog :-)

okjimm said...

SUSAN! :) :) Break me up!!!!~

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