Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thought for the day!!!

It is not the size of your banana that is important..........

It is the quality of your A-peel !
And now on to something really, really important!
The Bard of Cleveland, monsieur Le Ran-dal, took ever so slight umbrage from my previous posting of a Naked-Truth VP Cheney, and posed the question;

"Did the internets run out of scantily-clad ladies?"

Well, golly-gee&buttered bisquits!

I am sure that the esteemed Poem Peruser knows said pages where such can be viewed overly well and it would not be my place to suggest new ones to him, but he really is a swell guy, and it is thursday, which is awfully close to friday which is right next to saturday which is a great day to have a beer SO.... here is my thursday salute to Randal and scantily-clad women who drink beer!


Randal Graves said...

This is why I never have parties at my place. Everyone ends up in their thong and they never pick up after themselves.

Liberality said...

For some reason I don't find that picture of the woman attractive in the least bit.

Anonymous said...

She looked better standing up before she hit the table head first.

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