Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Killer Klowns

FOX News' designated flamethrower, Bill O'Reilly, slammed Rosie on "The O'Reilly Factor" last night, calling her "nutty" and "irresponsible," and suggesting that ABC should fire O'Donnell for her provocative remarks about Iran and the war in Iraq..

..... boy that is some killer comedy, Bill!!

Frankly, speaking of Rosie, I would have added 'shrill' to nutty and irresponsible..... but O'Reilly doesn't seem to get it that he is nutty, irresponsible and asinine.

I just don't understand things these days. I am really sure that I don't want to, either.

Talking heads... hemorrhoids that speak.

And then in real news... Neda Agha Sultan.

Just google the name. I have nothing to say.

The more things change..... the more they stay the same.

Some days I just want to move to Montana


Utah Savage said...

You remember Kent State. John McCain seems to have forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Bill O'Reilly is from Long Island, NY. Damn it, can you help me get out of here?

Randal Graves said...

And with North Korea blowing as much hot air as O'Reilly, I can't wait to hear the chorus of wingnuts saying everyone should enlist.

Unknown said...

If you move to Montana..I wanna go. I am damn tired of all the death and destruction too.

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