Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Kid& Stuff

Boy and howdy.... the time is been slipping away&stuff. At the U last night. Max said he was doing a reading and would I show up. Ain't no deal. Of course I was going to be there. He didn't tell me much more.
It was a reading for the literary magazine on campus. The Wisconsin Review. He wrote a piece. It was accepted. He did the reading.
I wrote a couple of things for the WR about thirty years ago.
It was like old home week.
Boy, was I a proud dude. To me, it was like he caught the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter.

In other news..... have really been getting into the Leo Kottke/Mike Burns album, "Sixty-six Steps"

..... and one of my favorite Kottke songs.... Rings...

Ring, ring, telephone ring

Somebody says, baby, what you doin'

I've been wonderin' where you've been

Now and then I think about you and me

No use fightin' about things we can't recall

Cause it don't matter now at all

Just come on home, baby, and we'll laugh and sing

And we'll make love, let the telephone ring
Ring, ring, doorbell ring

Come on in, I got Mel Blanc on the radio

I'm glad you came around

Been feelin' down, talking to Tony and Mario

You know they make good conversation

Still it ain't no consolation

Cause I got love, baby, I'll give you some

And if somebody comes, let the doorbell ring

I said ring, ring, golden ring

Around the sun, around your pretty finger

Ring, ring, voices ring

With a happy tune anybody can be a singer

The sun comes up across the city

I swear you never looked so young and pretty

Hand in hand, we'll stand upon the sand

With the preacher man, let the wedding bells ring

Hand in hand we'll stand upon the sand

With the preacher man, let the wedding bells ring


Liberality said...

So you have begat a writer huh? Nice work! And nice song too :)

Anonymous said...

Be proud Jimmy and know that the fruit never falls far from the tree.

Randal Graves said...

Thirty years ago? You're old, dude. ;-)

Mary Ellen said...

Congrats to the kid!

Utah Savage said...

Boy that Randal knows how to kill your buzz with a well placed insult.

Hell, I'm proud of your son and I had nothing to do with it.

Liberality said...

hey, I got something for you at my place so drop by and pick it up.

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