Monday, February 9, 2009

Dunking Doughnuts&Oktoberfest&Joe

Joe FranklinCenter Forward Wisconsin Men’s Basketball 1964-1968,

A dominating rebounder Joe Franklin was a unanimous first team 1968 Big 10 All American when he set a then team scoring season record with 544 points, and in average per game with 22.7. In career had 7 games of at least 30 points scored. A team leader Joe Franklin was elected team captain during his senior year, 1968.
Joe Franklin set a Wisconsin record with a robust 27 rebounds against Purdue in 1968.
Joe Franklin is a Member of the Wisconsin U Athletic Hall of Fame. Drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks NBA in 5th round in 1968

*And he can still grip a pint of Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest very well.*
He was lately inducted into another Hall of Fame
There have only been four jersey's retired at U-Wisconsin. One is Joe's. He is still tenth on the Badger's all time scoring list, despite playing in an era when freshman were not eligible and there were no three-point shots. But the real deal is he is one great dude and is extremely witty, intelligent, and not a bad golfer. He is also modest. It took awhile for me to realize that he played professional basketball in Italy for years and was the last person cut on the 1968 Olympic Basketball team. He roomed with Pete Maravich during tryouts.

Team captain as a senior
Established Wisconsin career scoring (1,215 points) and rebounding (858) marks in just three seasons of play
I met him a few years ago when he was helping another friend edit his business magazine. I discovered that, amongst his other talents, he had an acute taste for good beer and good barbecue. But it his sense of humor that really grabs you. He can grab an insult thrown his way, just as a rebound, and whip it back with lighting speed. It is a fun game and it is easier on the knees than basketball.
So Saturday past I stroll into Oblio's and have a few beer with Joe. We were only going to have a couple but then Billy Lang calls and says he will join us.

And by the time Billy shows up Joe was zinging me from the top of the lane and I am ducking and dodging for all I'm worth and still managing to make a lay-up or two. And now the whole scene is a verbal pick-up game at the local hoop on the corner. But the local playground does not have tequila.

It was getting really funny. The insults and barbs were flying. The bartender is breaking up. The folks at the other end of the bar are breaking up. I'm breaking up. Billy laughs like Mr. Ed and when Joe flags for another beer you have to duck before he impales you on fingers longer than Lake Michigan or knocks you out with an elbow.

Saturday we played into overtime. I needed a whole day to recover.
I love the Dude, and he always shows me a little love, too.
We have another game scheduled for St. Patrick's Day.
Sometimes it is not how you play the game, or whether you win or lose..... but who you get to play with.


Anonymous said...

Clearly, I need to find a way to ankle up to that bar of yours jimmy. Just the chance to hear you get dressed down is worth a price of gas and a round of beers for everyone in the house.

Liberality said...

he's flipping you off, right?

susan said...

There's no such thing as too much fun.

Randal Graves said...

@spartacus, heh heh. That would be comical. Though I hope he buys the round afterward!

Mary Ellen said...

Oh man...all that testosterone and beer, sounds like fun, I think. I only know about beer.

Dusty said...

Sounds like a LOT of fun. Good on ya dude! ;)

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