Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why I blog.....a disertation on doughnuts..or such

I blog because Randal &Fairlane and Scarlet Blue said I should.
I oft wish they had told me ot win the Lottery instead.

Obladi Oblada.

But then, see, if I had won the Lottery I would have massive amounts of money amouldering.......
.........lewed levels of legal lucre.....

.............cavernous caches of crisp clean currency..Indeed&Doodey!!!!!!!!!! For having the prudence and soul to pursue the former advice and the intellect to eschew the later endeavor as an exercise as futile as playing Monopoly with God I have become a much richer man for having met so many marvelous people....

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...........and through the wings of their words, the wonder of their worlds, the wink of their witticisms, the snide of the snark and a hearty "Heigh-ho Silver", I have been able to see a shared vista of America that my heart fervently hopes will never diminish and always shine, from sea to shining-fucking sea. Amber Waves and the Purple Mountain thingee, too!!!

Gees, on second thought, that's a lotta dough!

I best be having a beer and think this over a bit more.

I mean, it's really a lotta money.


Anonymous said...

Aw shucks! That's some nice stuff. Thank you for including me.

anita said...

i think you blog because you love ALLITERATION so much, OKJIMM!

(did i spell that right?)


Liberality said...

what a sweetheart you are! I like meeting all you folks too. Don't stop blogging please.

susan said...

Yeah, but if you'd taken the money you'd just owe it all to China, Japan and Saudi right now and none of them do alliteration too well.. so you're better off just as long as you can pay for that beer.

Randal Graves said...

I am aghast and in awe at the amount of delicious donuts of creamy custard one can purchase with piles of lottery loot.

Okay, someone find a non-blogging commenter, tell them to win the lottery, and have them send the winnings to us all. It can't fail!

Utah Savage said...

Thanks and glad to know Randal plans to share your filthy lucre with all of us. I'm more honored then I can say to see myself among the bloggers I admire most. You're a custard donut with the beer of your choice, and I'll keep smoking. And eating pumpkin guts. Really Randal, that is my signature fragrance. And one wonders why I have no friends of the non virtual type?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linky love good sir. I consider myself among the fortunate to be a part of your (blogo)sphere.

Anonymous said...

Scarlett's new picture is just adorable. It captures her inner beauty. Her previous clown picture was so wishy-washy. I can see her true character. If she could make those eyes flash on her picture, I'd call her picture perfect!


Dean Wormer said...

Thanks for the kind words. Whatever the reason for blogging please don't stop.

(If you want to make money I might suggest government contracts in Iraq. That's the first think the picture of the stack of bills made me think of.)

okjimm said...

Ya know, I cannot begin to tell anyone how much I have enjoyed reading everyone!

Truly, Truly &stuff!
I sometimes feel remiss because, due to lack of home computer, I do not comment as often as I read some really great posts &stuff.

Yuppers.... Ya know,I think the Dean is onto something here.

I think I am going to declare war on the USA, lil old me, The Independent Federated Amalgamated Republic Of Jimm, then Iza gonna deliberately lose, and let the US taxpayers rebuild my economy! (anda I gotza terrible infrastructionary, too!)

Wowsers! I best be started!

Steve Emery said...

OKJimm - Thanks! And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. This blog community has helped my view of America, too - so many great people out there in our great land.

Enjoy that beer - and we all know doughnuts were served at the first Thanksgiving dinner right alongside the stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Missy said...

Yeah, blogging has always been about the peeps.

I would still like to win the lottery. Just to test my self control over consumerism.

Border Explorer said...

I'm late to this party, but honored to be included on the guest list. Thanks so much. There are really a lot of wonderful people to meet in the blogosphere...I just wish I had more time to know them all. This list is a good place to start, tho.

DAD said...

This money is valueless.....
Why you do not put "Brouzoufs" of the planet Xydo?

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