Monday, November 3, 2008

Lambeu Redux

Ok. I got an e-mail from my good old buddy, Uncle Rosie the other day to meet him in Green Bay in a couple of weeks for a Bear-Packer game. Wowsers! I haven't been to a Packer game in a few years and the last time I went to a PACKER-BEAR, well gollee..... I have no recollection of how I got home that time. That was many, many, many touchdowns ago, when such plebian concerns as safety, sobriety and economy were non-existent.
Now, Lambeau Field is a great place to watch a game........ not really a bad seat in the house and the place reeks of history. It is a great stadium for tailgating, the parking lot has an odor of fermented beverages and grilled brats. It is less than a hour drive. Old Uncle Rosie and I have been Buds since college and I think he is making up for a bunch of Republican-Type things he has said during the election.

And I turned the ticket down! I must be nutz!!!!

But the reality is that the ticket is $68, face value (a great deal) and then I add gas, tailgate food, beer and a sandwich (&drinks) after the game and I am looking at dropping about $125 on the cheap end. Then it is the stupid traffic.

The game is designated as a 'Milwaukee Season-Ticket Holder' game; when the Packers played games at the old County Stadium a whole different set of 'Season Tickets' were sold...when all games were consolidated in Green Bay, ticket holders in Milwaukee had a chance to grab them up. The gist of it, Hwy 41 becomes a vast caravan of drunken, football happy freaks for about three hours before the game and about three hours after the game. It is normally a short ride for me, but I no longer have the patience for a fifty mile drive filled with drunken fans and the extra traffic of hunters back from the woods.

I must be getting old! Passing up a Bear-Packer game, live and in person, to sit around and watch the game with Bubba and his friends and eat pizza and drink beer.

Or else I'm getting sensible. I'm not sure I like either explanation.


Liberality said...

I don't blame you a bit. When the inconvience outweighs whatever happiness attending the game would give you then of course it isn't worth it.

that second picture gave me some pause I must admit, I'm just saying...

Mathman6293 said...

Did you say Lambeau reeks? A perfect comment for this Bears fan to take our of context.

Route 41 sort of ties us all together. My aunt in Oshkosh, LSD in Chicago and the main drag here in Cartersville, GA.

okjimm said...

Libs, re: the second photo, I know you aren't into football, but gees, Packer-Bear games are REAL special! ;)

Mathman, C'mon... you're along 41 in GA? Wowsers! Gees, if I had a nickel for every mile I have put on 41 in the last 35 years..... Why Gosh! I sure would have a bunch of nicels!! Coulda built my OWN brewery by now!

Steve Emery said...

Getting older (and more sensible?) is certainly a mixed blessing... I wouldn't go back and change at all, but I do sometimes wonder what I've lost. Stupidity? Gullibility (well some, anyway)? Arrogance? (Well, again, some, anyway). Liveliness? Lust? Appetite? Energy? Hmmmm.

Anajo/Anijo/JoAnn said...

Young people are looking for excitement. At our age, we are craving some calm. Like you, though, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

For this old soul, though, this campaign is too much excitement. I can't wait until day after tomorrow when it's all over.

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